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Commission Status: OPEN
I am currently available to take on both personal and commercial commissions. If you're interested, please review the commission guidelines and prices below.

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✧ Artist Bio ✧

Adriana Alvarez is a 2D Digital Character and Comic Artist based in New York City. Much of my time is dedicated to creating and helping fun and inventive ideas in the comics and animation sphere reach their full potential. In my time as an animation major at the High School of Art and Design, I've been able to put my knowledge of character and world development, team management, Photoshop, and Clip Studio Paint to full use in both pre and post-production settings while working on various school-related, freelance, and personal projects.Previous clients include Sunnyside: Royals of Cora, Uphoria Studios, Even Hotels, and Noggin.

✧ FAQ ✧

Do you take commissions?
Yes, I take commissions either through my Fiverr or my commission form.

What do you use to make art?
I primarily use Clip Studio Art to make all my work!

What tablet do you use?
I switch between using my Surface Pro 7 and a Wacom Studio Pro 13

Where do you get your merch made?
Stickers and Prints I make at home. I use Vograce for charms.

Commission Info

✧ Status: Open